Scout Falls

On Memorial Day we hiked Scout Falls. It was our second attempt  of the year due to snow, although we still ran into it this time. Also Korby, Heather and Naomi came with us! So that was fun. After, we had dinner by the fire. What a lovely time it was. Scout Falls is still one of my favorite hikes. Who am I kidding, I have never done a hike I didn’t like. Well there was one, I suppose. The view at the top was amazing so it was worth it. Anyway, here enjoy these pictures.

Here is Heather, at this point she is …7.5 maybe 8 months pregnant. You may think we are monsters for making her hike with us. But you are wrong because she is a champ. Seriously, she made it to the top (except the little last part, which was for the best) in mud and snow like it ain’t no thang. We were all like “Oh, are you doing ok.” ” Do you want to stop here?!” and she was all like “Guys I’m pregnant, not handicapped.” No, she didn’t really say that. I made that up. Actually, I think I heard it on tv once. But seriously, a champ. And just as a side note, I’m super excited to meet that little baby. Like fer realz.Image

This is my momma, she be so hip.Image

Mom is hip, but Haley might be more hip. Maybe. Image

We can finally see the waterfall!Image

Almost there!Image

Riley and The Appadog. So cute. Image

The group. This is where we ate. Of course we roasted hotdogs. And watched a dance mom singe her eyelashes, eyebrows and bangs with gasoline and fire. We thought it was bad when we saw all the teenage girls in Victoria’s Secret gear. We knew it was bad when we saw the mom (dressed the same) with a gas can. Image

Roasting the hotdogs!Image

I have sooo many cute pictures for Jade and Haley to use in their wedding videos…..Image

My boys by the fire. Appa looks so proud to be a dog. Image




I have a confession, I love fire. Actually it’s a love/hate relationship. I hate the smell but I love burning things. Image


A Sanpete County Weddin’

Yeehawww! This is how they done did have a weddin’ down south.

In real life, Mum is the queen of weddings. She also made all the flower girl dresses, her dress and mine. I was worried about black and red in the summer. They proved me wrong and it turned out lovely. I really want her to make a business of it. Tell her I am right.

Many great moments came from spending the day in what feels like a whole different world. First the Bishop was late due to wrangling cows. He also thought it was at 11, I do not blame him because I thought it was at 11 as well. Lucky for me I learned it was actually at 10 beforehand. There was a handlebar mustache count going and it got into the double digits. Riley was strangely in place with his typical “howdy”. People in bathtubs and coffins. Paityn caught a chicken. Also my grandma told Haley she could see her crack, that may have been the highlight.

Happy Easter!

I made Riley pose for an Easter picture before church. As you can see, it went really well.

I made myself an Easter/Spring outfit this year! I finished the shirt a while ago but just finished up the skirt this week, just in time. My favorite part of the shirt is the little bows on the sleeves. I love little details like that. I also made a belt to go with the shirt because you know me, I love an emphasized waist. Now enjoy some pictures of the shirt. 

And because no post is complete without an adorable picture of my puppy, enjoy.