The Short One Went on a Mission

The Sunday before Jade left on her mission we all gathered together for a lovely farewell party. It all started with Jade giving a great talk in sacrament meeting. I don’t want to say I was surprised but, I was kinda surprised. Not that she did a good job, well all know Jade is perfect, but more just how… she seems/is. To me Jade will always be, like, 8. Enjoy these pictures of the day. And yes, they are mostly of Anya.

IMG_9231I told Naomi Anya was almost as big as her. She quickly replied “No she isn’t.” But really, she is. We got a big girl!



IMG_9217Bri is 9 months older then Anya, you would never guess it.

IMG_9216Haley likes to make things awkward.

IMG_9188You know how it is said that some people have pregnancy glow? I can most definitely tell you I did not have that. However, Jade had mission glow. Seriously, every picture from this day she looked great.



IMG_9157I am glad we thought to do a “siblings” picture but not one with my parents. Or even one with just Jade and my parents. Oops.


Korby’s face in this picture gets me every time. IMG_9148Obviously, everyone loves when my pops is in town. He was the life of the party.





IMG_9076This is Cy. He is smizing and Tyra would be proud. Also, he is unfairly beautiful.

IMG_9070See the glow!?

IMG_9030Ah, the circle of life. This is my cousin Mya. I used to babysit her all the time when she was little. Now here she is not so little and holding my baby. It’s the ciiiiiiiiiiircle of liiiiiiiiiiife.



The Longest Post Known to Man

Well, well, well, it has come to my attention that it has been a while since I blogged. Honestly, I was kinda consumed by Flickr and Instagram and really, I only have so much room for social media type stuff in my life. But, ultimately my heart belongs to the blogging world. I love reading blogs.

It has been over a year since I last blogged and man has it been a busy one. Let’s say we have a review of the last year and few months via pictures? Some I will explain, some I will just let you enjoy.

When I last wrote Bri had just been born, shortly after Jade and Haley got to come up to Bear Lake with us and it was a great time. We literally spent hours on this paddle board. We are so easily entertained.



We sure enjoy going up there, its such a good get-away.

This happened, although I am not allowed to tell you what vehicle we were in…..


Seriously, these two.IMG_3925

IMG_0175So we were planning an Oregon coast trip. It was so fantastic and were much looking forward to it. To prepare we set up Riley’s new tent in the living room and spent the night in it to see how Appa would do. He loved it. The best part is, it was on like a Tuesday night so all day the next day Appa hung out it in. It was pretty adorable.


Unfortunately, we never got to go on that Oregon coast trip because this happened…IMG_4136 IMG_4138 IMG_4140 IMG_4142 IMG_4143 IMG_4144 IMG_4145 IMG_4146Yup. We had no idea what was coming. That’s all I really have to say. I’m pretty sure most of you know the story, so I’m not going to the trouble of typing it out. If you don’t and it’s killing you, go ahead and ask and we will gladly tell you. So you know time table stuff this happened August 13th.

“Is it busted?!”


Yes, yes it is.  IMG_3538

A shattered heel for Riley. IMG_3575The best part of the whole story? Well.. the real best part is that I laughed and laughed and laughed all the way to the instacare. But the second best part? The day before this happened, we found out this was happeningIMG_3656We were having a baby! I was really nervous about busted foot Riley, pregnant Sydnie and Appa that needs walked twice a day and how everything was going to work out. Thankfully, it worked out wonderfully. As much as a bummer as it is that Riley busted his foot, especially because he still feels it everyday, it really was kind of a blessing. I HAD to get up and walk Appa. I did not have a choice. I will admit there were days I cried when Appa woke me up because I was so tired. But then I learned my lesson, one day he slept in until about 8 and I also slept in (because I was always exhausted) that was the only day I ever felt sick. I really think getting up and moving and out in the fresh air helped me not feel sick. It didn’t make it any easier, that was a rough few months of crippled and exhaustion but it was best for me to get outside.  I really really wanted to wait to tell everyone I was pregnant until we found out the gender. Riley talked me into not waiting because we needed help. Honestly, I regret it. We didn’t get any help from anyone. I still wish so much that we would have waited.

I actually wrote a blog post about being pregnant but never posted it. So many frustrating things. But I am only going to share one. Many newly married LDS couples will tell you they feel pressured to have babies right away. I can honestly say (man, I am being so honest in this post) that I NEVER felt this way. Maybe it is because I am incredibly stubborn, maybe it’s because our family’s don’t get all up in our business? I don’t know, but I do know that it wasn’t until after I was pregnant that I felt pressured. Turns out, people though we like….couldn’t have kids or something. I could not believe some of the comments I received about it. Nope, sorry guys thats not the case. We were having fun and living life just the two of us and getting to a point where we felt like we could take care of a baby the best we possibly could. I know everyone is different, but for us this was right, and I will always love that time we had together.  Ok, lies I will vent about one more pregnancy thing, people ALWAYS told me how easy my pregnancy was. Do not ever say that to someone. It wasn’t. It was so hard. Just because I didn’t constantly complain does not mean it was easy. Ok, I’m done with the whole pregnancy thing now. For real this time.

So shortly before the whole foot incident Riley designed his cousins wedding invitation. They were AWESOME. Of course, they were going to be letter-pressed. Unfortunately, before they could be printed Riley broke his foot. So I got to print them! Thankfully, Mr. Webster let us use his press. There is no way on this earth I could have printed those on ours. Well, lies, I could have it just would have taken me 6 years. I actually quite enjoyed myself. IMG_3561Throughout the year I took pictures of Haley for her senior pictures.
IMG_4375-eWe learned so much about feet this year. Cast off September 19th.

IMG_3630IMG_3635We got to dress up for Riley’s cousins wedding, it was 20’s themed. I made my dress and Riley’s vest. Boys clothes are hard! Riley cheated for the night and wore a real shoe instead of his boot. We hid the crutches for the picture, ha!IMG_4536

My outfit also doubled as my Halloween costume!


We spent many hours at physical therapy for this thing. IMG_3705

Baby steps! One crutch, October 29th.IMG_0061

I spent a lot of quality time with this guy this year.



This day was so huge. I can’t even tell you. No crutches (unless it hurt, which it did a lot) November 5thIMG_0103And on that same day we found out…..IMG_0104

and she was looking great and healthyIMG_3809


Slowly, we got got back into the groove of Riley being able to walk. IMG_0154This guy turned 2!


We went to Zoolights with friends!


We had a great Christmas, I made Appa a bed and he got a GIANT candy cane shaped rawhide.


I got a leather working stuff, a spinning wheel and a weaving loom.IMG_5063

Riley got boots, some tools and a safety razorIMG_5066For our anniversary we went to St. George. It was such a good snow year and we were missing out on all the fun and it was lame. I told Riley all I wanted was to be outside and he did not disappoint.  We ran away and did a little, and I mean little, hike. I was worn out and Riley’s foot was aching. So different for us, but we enjoyed it. Appa came, of course and our hotel room had 2 queen beds so we let him sleep on one. We were nervous he would try to at home, but he didn’t. We also hung out at my grandparents house a bit.IMG_0260


I love this picture, Appa looks HUGE!IMG_5098

Once we told him to get up here he didn’t move.IMG_5144Riley quickly put his Christmas gifts to work and made us this awesome family crest! Well, he designed the family crest while ago, then used the tools to cut it out. There is meaning behind it and how it represents us. Most people think we are weird but I don’t care, I love it!IMG_0277


IMG_5283-eI also produced some things with my Christmas presents, a belt and a pillow for the baby’s room IMG_0226


IMG_0397My sisters threw a wonderful baby shower for me, as well as Riley’s family and the ladies from the temple. They were all so nice! However, I don’t want to put pictures up because I don’t want to remember how chubby I got but I can’t let it go unsaid!

Riley made the baby girl a beautiful crib. I am super impressed by his skills.IMG_0416

I went to a class and learned to make amazing croissants then I taught Riley how as we made some for Easter. You get to beat the butter with a rolling pin! So fun.IMG_5519

Then on April 21st, 8 days past her due date, Anya made her appearance!! I had to be induced but honestly, thats the way to go. It was kinda the best. She had many visitors in the hospital but I was too drugged to take pictures. Yay for drugs! …but seriously.

Please enjoy oodles of pictures. It was insanely hard to narrow it down.IMG_0452

My heart!IMG_0453





1 week old. Every Sunday (or Monday because sometimes I forget) I take a picture of her in this chair. It’s wild to see how much she is changing. 

Papa Doug straight from Australia, he even brought Anya a onesie!IMG_5732

She looked so tiny in her crib!IMG_5734



We also celebrated having Appa for two whole years!IMG_6095



Anya’s first time at the lakeIMG_6143After two years of looking, we bought a new car! A Subaru Forester, we love it! We sold the Vibe so now we have two silver Subaru’s, which is pretty funny to us.


Anya and her friend Robin


Everyone asks how Appa handled the baby. He is a champ and a half. He loves her and she loves him. She will just watch him so intensely and he comes running when she is sad.

Helping me workIMG_0640

Girl loves  bath time IMG_0654

Riley’s dad calls her The Judge because she always has a grumpy faceIMG_0664


Haley’s graduation day! Good job!IMG_6208Riley was able to baptize and confirm Naomi, it was a very special day and he did a wonderful job. We are so proud of Naomi’s decision to be baptized!IMG_6319



Jade got her mission call to Atlanta, Georgia! She leaves September 25th. It’s coming too soon. I’m not ready. It’s so hard to imagine that Anya will be almost 2 years old when she gets back! But we are proud of her good decision too! She will be a fantastic missionary, I just know it.IMG_6515

The fist picture of her smiling!

We got to take Anya and Appa to their first Scottish festival! They were both very well behaved and enjoy The Wicked Tinkers as much and we do!




Oh, CJ. I highly recommend everyone go, at least to the concert.IMG_6758

Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 6.23.47 PM

One day I got her out of the bath and her hair was curly, I love it!

Ready for churchIMG_7097

This was very monumental, Appa got to come to the lake! He loved it and so did we!IMG_7313


Haley brought this adorable shirt back from Disneyland. 11 WeeksIMG_7527

Mom made this awesome hat!IMG_7536

12 weeksIMG_7599

13 weeksIMG_7673

14 weeksIMG_7875

This girl loves to sit. She has always hated laying down if she is awake.


We still love Appa!IMG_7983

Cutest thing that ever happened. IMG_8036


I love this one! 16 weeksIMG_8086



I took Anya to the pool a few times and surprisingly, she enjoyed it. Well, she didn’t hate it…. She also got to go to the parade of homes this year, both SL county and Utah county!

Another trip to the lake. Jade and Haley got to come again! And so did Appa! You don’t understand how huge this is. Riley slept in a tent with him both times he got to come, haha. But it’s totally worth it. This trip was especially needed, it’s been a rough summer. IMG_8222

And seriously, this suit!? I die.IMG_8223

Again, we enjoyed the paddle board, we boated and Haley tubbed. IMG_8232

Im sorry Jade, but this is the only picture I took of you. Something about having a baby and a dog to take care of really limits your picture taking.


Appa loved chasing the waves and sleeping on the beachIMG_8247

Her hair kills me, I so hope it stays this wayIMG_0881

17 weeks and already not impressed by meIMG_8257




Passed out in church

We got to give her rice cereal! She wasn’t a huge fan at first but she is getting the hang of it. IMG_0885

We also got to take her to her first RSL game. She was amazingly good, I was kinda shocked. IMG_0887

Some other things we have been up to, I have been having fun with my little Etsy shop and making a little shop for Corvid. Both are pretty empty at the moment but you can check them out if you so desire, there are links at the top of the page. I have also been doing my part time from home job doing data entry for a fun kids toy store that sells on Amazon. Most recently, Riley has started doing freelance work full time! It’s terrifying and exciting all at the same time. It’s good though, it is fun to see him excited about design again and FINALLY working on some personal projects we have been talking about for literally years! Freelance has always been the end goal but at this point we aren’t sure how long this stint will last considering Riley is still a pretty young designer, he might go back for some more “experience”. I love having him at home, sometimes he comes to the pool with us, sometimes we walk to 7-11 for slurpees. We were always so frustrated he had to work 40 hours (or more) just for our basic needs. Seriously, who came up with that idea! There is no time for anything else. We have dreams of doing some serious traveling, and if he works from home that could be so much easier. Anyway for now, we are making it work and he is sorta keeping his eye out for any interesting opportunities. Who knows what the future will hold for us!

If you made it to the end of this, I am shocked! Good job! Now go blog.

The Whirlwind Week o’ Fun

The week o’ fun is the best week of the summer! It all started on pretend father’s day. We did it a Sunday early because everyone was here! Especially the father, that is kind of important. Monday they did stuff but I stayed home and finished up some things for the baby shower we were having. Then Tuesday we went bowling!

Paityn getting ready to bowl

Abby celebrating

Naomi getting her pizza on

Pictures of people bowling are actually mostly awkward. And funny.

Go Taige!

Carson’s turn! Haley is super excited for Carson to have a turn.

Nice form! This is the least awkward bowling-in-motion picture. No offense Mom but, usually you are the most awkward of us all, so good job!

I did this every time I did something good. Yay for me!

I am fairly certain Haley closed her eyes on purpose.

Miss Paityn in the air.

There we were, having a great time when all of the sudden over the speakers comes 5..4…3..2..1 and all the lights go out, black lights and disco balls turn on and the music goes up. It was time for thunder alley! Obviously it also turned into a dance party. We danced….

And danced…

And danced…

And danced!!

Even Haley’s fingers danced. We just couldn’t stop!

Go Taige!

Later that evening we had a baby shower for Heather! It turned out pretty cute, if I do say so myself.

The food table

The craft table. We made flower clips for the baby. She is going to be one stylish lady. We also used sharpies to color on diapers. I was a bit concerned with this one because every time I thought of making an example, I didn’t know what to put on it. I was afraid other people would have the same problem. Nope! It was a hit. Especially with the younger kids. Once you get going you get a lot of ideas so we all ended up making a bunch.


Making cute flowers

Jade and Leissa filling up their ice cream sundays

Cute pregnant lady

Yummy food!

Korby and Leissa

Then we opened presents. I just love Naomi’s face in this picture, so cute!

All the siblings. I seriously can’t remember the last picture we have of all of us. Or the last time we were all in one place even.

Crazy kids.

Awkward family photo time! I have said awkward way too many times in this post. I guess that is what you get when the family is all together.

All the girls

Apparently, when I hear “make a crazy face” that means stick all your limbs out to look as lurpy as possible.

I love that we all look crazy but then there is Naomi, just as adorable as can be.

Cute Amee

I’m not sure why, but I like this picture. Haha

Wednesday we had a picnic at the park by my house! Appa and Buster became great friends. Poor Bust got smothered by 80 pounds of fluff. He was a great sport.

Sadly, my camera died after only a few pictures. But as you can see, the ones I did get are adorable.

We also went out on the boats. Unfortunately when we went for our second lake session with the other half, they wouldn’t let us. It was 7:30 exactly and there is a sign that says last check out time is 7:30 but they wouldn’t let us. BOOOO for cranky old men. Way to make young children cry.

When we got back to the house Abby wanted to make some of the flower clips like we made at the shower. We busted out the craft supplies and got our craft on. Abby was loving it, a lady after my own heart.

Thursday was Fountain Green day. Soon after we arrived all the children piled in the truck to go feed the bucks. Whatever on earth that means. Also, I have many pictures of Abby making this face hahaha

After they got back we had a lovely BBQ. We also did another craft of beaded geckos. Always a good time making geckos. Then we headed down to feed the lambs.

A little bling, a little cowgirl. That is the best of both worlds.

Taige and Carson with a cute little lamb.

Abby with a lamb

A model..oops I mean Taige with a lamb.

Taige and Ty. That Ty is one well behaved dog. Riley was jealous.

I don’t know who this baby was, but she was cracking me up. Her eyes were huge and she looked very concerned. Or terrified.

Paityn on a horse!

Watching the fun! Obviously we joked with Heather about getting on the horse.

Naomi feeding a lamb.

Abby was a natural with the horse.

Carson feeding a lamb.

Taigey feeding a lamb

Naomi on a horse.

Oh, this girl. Walking with such purpose.

And climbing fences.

Naomi on a horse again.

Carson on a horse.

Jade feeding a lamb.

The horse, I can’t remember his name. Shasta maybe?

Abby’s first time on a horse. She told me. I kinda can’t believe it.

Taige modeling in the field.

ME! That’s me feeding a lamb! What kind of dork wears sandals to a farm?!

Lambs are actually kinda weird looking when you really get up close.

Back in the saddle. It alway surprises me that Mom is not terrified of horses.

Jade on a horse.

Carosn in a field.

Leissa and a horse.

Obviously, Mom did not pass her enjoyment of horses to Leissa. But she was on it, one step above me.

Riley was too cool to ride the horse or feed the lambs. I think he was just scared.

Buster, watching over the place.

Me, Riley and kids.

Connells and kids.

All the grandkids. I may be alone on this, but I think it’s pretty funny that once the new baby comes the grandkid setup will be the same as the kid setup. Girl, boy, girl, girl, girl, girl.

The Lee’s headed out of town Friday morning. Boo. Riley also left Friday morning to Arizona for work. Boo again. It was our first nights apart in our whole marriage. Obviously, I went to stay with Mom. We had a fun filled weekend. The dogs played and played. I jumped on the tramp with Mavis. We went to a baby shower. We also whent to the parade of homes!! Yay! Love the parade of homes. I had my first Winco experience and I loved it! And there was loads of talk of crafts. 

I have no idea what Mavis was doing but she was doing it for a good five minutes.

Appa dug a Mavis sized whole in the backyard. I caught him and he looked super guilty. Because he was.

This is the closest to a focussed picture of Willow I have ever taken! That girl does not hold still. But she is surprisingly cuddly which I took advantage of because Appa is not.

This is the present Mom made for the baby shower. We were dying, it was so stinking cute. I gave her a bow-tie and matching binki clip. It was pretty cute too.

Sunday morning Riley flew home. That was real fathers day so we had a BBQ at his parents house. Then Monday we had another birthday party. Tuesday, we got to relax!! We loved every second (minus the mean boat guy) of our crazy whirlwind week o’ fun! Can’t wait till next year.