The Short One Went on a Mission

The Sunday before Jade left on her mission we all gathered together for a lovely farewell party. It all started with Jade giving a great talk in sacrament meeting. I don’t want to say I was surprised but, I was kinda surprised. Not that she did a good job, well all know Jade is perfect, but more just how… she seems/is. To me Jade will always be, like, 8. Enjoy these pictures of the day. And yes, they are mostly of Anya.

IMG_9231I told Naomi Anya was almost as big as her. She quickly replied “No she isn’t.” But really, she is. We got a big girl!



IMG_9217Bri is 9 months older then Anya, you would never guess it.

IMG_9216Haley likes to make things awkward.

IMG_9188You know how it is said that some people have pregnancy glow? I can most definitely tell you I did not have that. However, Jade had mission glow. Seriously, every picture from this day she looked great.



IMG_9157I am glad we thought to do a “siblings” picture but not one with my parents. Or even one with just Jade and my parents. Oops.


Korby’s face in this picture gets me every time. IMG_9148Obviously, everyone loves when my pops is in town. He was the life of the party.





IMG_9076This is Cy. He is smizing and Tyra would be proud. Also, he is unfairly beautiful.

IMG_9070See the glow!?

IMG_9030Ah, the circle of life. This is my cousin Mya. I used to babysit her all the time when she was little. Now here she is not so little and holding my baby. It’s the ciiiiiiiiiiircle of liiiiiiiiiiife.



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