Scottish Festival

We finally made it back! You see, our first year of marriage we stumbled upon the Scottish Festival. We have been trying to make it back every year since then but just never did. Until now that is! We first watched some traditional highland games. Weight over bar and caber toss to be exact. We missed this last time so we were super happy to see it this time.

For the wight over bar, the literally toss weight over a bar. A “bale” of hay and a pitch fork. There is something absolutely hilarious to me about grown men in kilts (skirts), t-shirts, and soccer socks. I can handle the whole traditional outfit. But just the kilt? Cracks me up. 

My favorite picture of the day. I believe all the men in blue shirts are over 50. They are still tough suckers.


Then we heard some bagpipes. Riley’s favorite.

Just for fun I stuck my head in this thing and Riley took a picture. Turns out, it’s from the Mcfarland clan which is from my ancestry. What are the odds!?

This sign was killing me. They were all over the place and I laughed every time.

The caber toss! I think they said these weighted about 100 lbs.

Closing ceremony

After the closing ceremony there was a concert. If you don’t go to the whole Scottish festival, I highly recommend you go to the concert. (it costs less then the whole festival, don’t worry) First we saw the Dunmore Lasses. They were lovely. 

Then we saw Molly’s Revenge. They were also lovely even though I didn’t take a picture. These other two bands kept talking about the Wicked Tinkers (the closing act) and everyone was going crazy. Riley and I thought “What are we missing?”. Well when it was time for the Wicked Tinkers to play, this happened.

We were just innocently sitting on the grass and bam! A girl turned to us and said “Have you guys been to this before?” “No.” “You probably want to stand up, it gets a little crazy.” At first I was bugged but after seeing these crazy people, I am fairly certain I would have been trampled so I am glad she informed us newbies. We were sitting right in front, so we ended up standing right up against the stage.  There was a guy on bagpipes, old man on drums, hairy man on other drum and C.J, the token young guy, on the didgeridoo. I’m not even kidding. Every once in a while C.J. would make a face into the crowd and girls would squeal. It was the most bizarre and awesome thing we have seen lately. Their music was actually really pretty good. And they were very entertaining too. 

This is C.J. yes, yes he got that close to me. My life is complete. And yes, he is in a leather jacket and a kilt. 

It was a fun, funny and bizarre evening. We already have it marked on our phones for next year. Feel free to join us.


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