A Sanpete County Weddin’

Yeehawww! This is how they done did have a weddin’ down south.

In real life, Mum is the queen of weddings. She also made all the flower girl dresses, her dress and mine. I was worried about black and red in the summer. They proved me wrong and it turned out lovely. I really want her to make a business of it. Tell her I am right.

Many great moments came from spending the day in what feels like a whole different world. First the Bishop was late due to wrangling cows. He also thought it was at 11, I do not blame him because I thought it was at 11 as well. Lucky for me I learned it was actually at 10 beforehand. There was a handlebar mustache count going and it got into the double digits. Riley was strangely in place with his typical “howdy”. People in bathtubs and coffins. Paityn caught a chicken. Also my grandma told Haley she could see her crack, that may have been the highlight.


3 thoughts on “A Sanpete County Weddin’

  1. I love the flowers hanging in mason jars and those tiny parfaits are adorable! I bet you and your mom helped right?? The details remind me of your wedding…just that there are a lot of them 🙂 Not that they resemble each other at all. Also those boutonnieres (I’m not sure about this spelling…but spell check says…) are Sooooo cute! Your mom keeps posting the most darling ones on facebook! I wish I was going to prom or getting married again!

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