3 Years?!?!

It has been 3 years since we got the Appa dog? Ha! Kidding, this post actually has nothing to do with the pup….

In real life it has been 3 years since we got married. It seems like yesterday, yet forever ago. To celebrate we wanted to do something fun but not too big (we are saving up for a little trip we want to take this summer) so we went to Carvers that night then later in the week we went cross country skiing! We had loads of fun. I have never had skis strapped to my feet before so of course I spent a lot of time falling then trying to figure out how to get back up. Still, it was loads of fun. The two of us just cruising and laughing at ourselves slipping and sliding and having a great time. That night I honestly laid on our bed and thought “I might never move again.” Surprisingly the next day I was fine, very able to move and not even sore.

Now on the the pictures!

This is me cruising along

Riley getting started

This is me yelling “Cross country skiing rocks!” oooor “Im about to fall on my face!”…you can decided that one
Cute Roley

This filter is called vintage, doesn’t it look like this picture was taken in the olden days?! Coool….

Me in the snow flurries. It flurried pretty much all day, how romantic. Just as we were headed home it got pretty nasty, it was actually pretty perfect for us. Also see my earrings? They look like plugs but they are not. They are just another pair of fabric covered button earrings. 

Riley drinking water

Me with my gear

And Riley with his

And now since I never have before, I will share some wedding pictures! There are tons and I will try to be reasonable but seriously I’m pretty much the luckiest person on earth. I had not one but two awesome photographers covering my wedding.

Oh, what is that smell you ask? That’s just me, rotting away in my spoiled-ness. You will get used to it.

We shall start with bridals. Really we should start with our engagements but they seem to be hiding at the moment…..

I love love love love my bridals. They are just perfect

The pink just makes me so happy

And still I just love my dress

Now onto the wedding day! Here is everbody

Perfect Florence photo

and the Madisons

There is another picture that happened shortly before or after this one that is so great but it also seems to be hiding at the moment, boo. But still I love this one!

This picture has been my Facebook profile picture for 3 years straight now…well on Feburary 11th it will be. I will probably never change it

See these earrings? I have worn these earring every single time I have been to the temple since our wedding day. Fun Syd fact

Riley loves this picture. He is cute but I look like a jerk. 

There is just something about this picture that I love, I don’t know just what

Oh this little girl….

The family. It is so wild to see how much everyone has changed, especially the kiddos

This may be weird but sometimes I think about what I would do if I lost my ring. I would be devastated. Then I would get an exact replica made. For that reason I am really happy they got some good pictures for me.

There could not have been a more accurate picture taken of Jade. Surrounded by children…always

Who knew the tops/backs of our heads were so cute

Ahhh memory lane was sweet, wasn’t it? Happy three years to us! Here is to the rest of eternity.


5 thoughts on “3 Years?!?!

  1. I laughed at the Appa joke. It was a good one! I have still to this day never been skiing or snowboarding. Pretty sure I might like the snow better if there was something I enjoyed doing in it! 🙂 Soooo….did I never give you guys a disk with your engagement pictures on it? If not, I’m sure I can find them and get you a copy. Just not sure how many are edited. Also, I too like the temple earring thing! that is fun! My mom had a wedding dress she could continue to wear in the temple and I’ve always thought that was cool. It would be nice to have something to wear every time I went to the temple that was from my wedding day! So good call!

    • Oh yeah, I think that is kind of why Riley wanted to go. So I quit hating snow so much. And you did give us a cd and I saw it recently and thought “I should put this with our wedding cd so I know where it is.” but didn’t. I just need to clean out this desk and I’m sure I will find it!

  2. Three years already?! I Love your Wedding pictures! They really are the best, that is my major regret about my wedding, not having a good photographer. Oh well, next time right? ha j/k, no next time!!
    Cross country skiing looks good on you guys.

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