Christmas Time

We had a wonderful Christmas season over here at our house we got to spend a lot of time celebrating.

For Riley’s workin party we went to a hockey game. It was a jolly good time.

We got our house all decorated. Here our some pictures of our trees

The pink tree, always a favorite of mine

I think i’m pretty awesome

Our big Christmas tree! It looks a little bare what with all the holes, it doesn’t feel that way in real life though. The Appa dog ornament and the graduation ornament were the new ones for the year.

No, I didn’t intend on taking a picture of the Appa dog in front of the tree. I was taking the above picture and he plopped himself right there so I had to. I had no choice.

Speaking of the Appa dog, one day when Riley was gone I heard Appa crying. I checked his usual spots and I couldn’t find him. Finally I look over to downstairs and there he is behind the chair moving a little forward and a little back. He was stuck! I laughed and laughed and took pictures.

He was not amused. Then I helped him get out. Silly pup.

Also one day Riley sent me this picture of Appa after their morning walk and I think it is so crazy!

Anyway back to the humans. Christmas Eve was spent with my family. Having fun and playing games, as we do. And doing things like this.

I sure wish Haley wasn’t always at work.

Christmas morning we woke up and opened presents! That box with the big red bow is from Santa! He brought us a new camera that is totally awesome.

We spend the morning playing with all our  new toys. We must have been really good kids this year because we were spoiled.

Then we went to church and after that over to Riley’s sisters’s house for more festivities/pure chaos.

American Gothic?!? Oh no, just Riley’s parents.

We had such a great Christmas! I love when we get to sneak in a little extra family time.

The day after Riley went on a hike. He has gotten this idea that hiking in the winter will be fun. I think he is crazy. I stayed home. I sewed, of course and finally finished up this skirt I have been working on forever. I also made that shirt but it was finished back in November! I like how they look together though, just how I had imagined and that is rare.


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