Baking Cookies With Santa

This year we kicked off the Christmas season with baking cookies with Santa. It was kind of scary. I may or may not still be afraid of Santa Clause. It’s fine.  Besides the fact that Santa was really there it was quite fun. We went to a cooking school down by my parents house and they had everything ready for us. We rolled, cut, decorated, baked then left. That’s the way to do it. Here are some cute pictures. Because my family is cute.

Dad rolling out his dough

Paityn and Leissa getting started

Heather and Naomi

Riley cutting out some Christmas trees

Korby got the best apron of all

Grandma and the girls

Jade opening up her candy cane pieces

Working away

The cookie artist

Paityn picking her sprinkles

I was there too, see

Cookie decorating is serious business

Ready to go in the oven!

Waiting for them to be done

Riley with his finished masterpiece!

What a grand time we had! Thanks Mom and Pop!


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