Thanks George!

This year for Thanksgiving we got to go to Thanks George, also known to some as Saint George. My family really likes to hold on to little nuggets of greatness so even after about…11 years it has been Thanks George. It’s cute. We got to ride with Paityn on the way down, so that was pretty much the best way to start a vacation. Her and the Appa dog became great friends. Image

I don’t care who ya are, that right there is cute!

We enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving feast, I made a peanut butter pie and man oh man it was good. Appa got a giant bully stick for his Thanksgiving feast. It was pretty hilarious watching him try to figure out what to do with that thing. Image

We finished off the day in a wonderful way

That is whipped cream from a can. It’s kind of addicting.

The next day we went on a hike to Snow Canyon overlook. It was so lovely. This is me, Jade and Haley on the way up.


This was our view at the top. It was kinda freaking me out because it came to a very abrupt cliff and it was giving me the willies.  Image

Here is what it looked like if you hung your head over the edge of the cliff. Yes Riley and Dad were dangling over the edge.

Here is Dad.

Here is all of us overlooking Snow Canyon

Haley and Dad

Jade got a pedicure in the sand. It was really soft sand.

Haley pondering life.

Heading back down

We love hiking!

We had a very nice time in Saint George, a little get away was just what we needed.


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