Time to Shower

It’s really freaky when your friends start having kids. Especially the friend you have known forever. Like seriously, I don’t remember a time when I didn’t know Brina. That is why I felt so privileged to get to help with her shower. I begged to design the invitations. Then I did and all the little cards to go round the house and I though oh yeah, I like this design stuff. I better for how much I paid for my knowledge.

Anyway, I was really happy with how all the stuff turned out so I’m going to show it to you.

This was the invitation ImageThis is the food Image

These are the cute girls that were nice enough to include me Image

Cute thank you gifts by BrittanyImage

Create a onesie station, and create they did!Image

“Flowers” I made to go around the  house and the baby powder scentsy. I love little details. Image

The guest of honor that was super happy/excited aparentlyImage

The creating station Image

the big flowers for the tableImageand a close up of the cards.Image

We also had orange and grey balloons on the porch and a welcome sign on the door but unfortunately due to a little incident we had to take them down before I got pictures. But trust me, it was cute.

In the end, I think the shower turned out cute and I am so happy for the new little family.


4 thoughts on “Time to Shower

  1. Awesome! What did you make the little flowers out of? You are so clever. The create a onesie is such a fun idea! And happy birthday to your handsome Appa! What does Appa mean? I googled it and came up with several interesting definitions.

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