More Hiking?!

Yes, it is true. No sewing going on here, just hiking. Well if you can call Ensign Peak a hike-its a half mile round trip. We went up to watch the sunset. We barely made it but it was still beautiful.

Riley and Appa at the top.

The Appa dog

Me at the top

The colorful sky

The Salt Lake Valley (I suggest you click on these panoramas and see them at a bigger size)

So pretty

I discovered I’m kinda obsessed with lights-at-night pictures. I took a ton. I can’t decide which I like more, short exposure

Or long exposure? Questions, comments, thoughts, concerns?

We did Ensign Peak on Friday, then Saturday we did Silver Lake. This is the one we started a while back with Riley’s family but never finished. Coming in at 4.5 miles, I think this can be called a real hike.

Riley and Appa by the water.  This is very close to where I slipped into the splits. It’s fine, nothing was hurt but my pride.

The best family picture we have ever taken. Appa is the coolest dog in town. Seriously.

A full view from our destination

Me, with my sweet new backpack, and the Appa dog on the way back down.

The colors were great! and it smelled like fall! I really love the smell of fall!

This picture was taken October 22nd. Now lets take a walk down memory lane…

To the picture we took on the same trail on September 10th. That sure is a color difference!

I feel like this picture needs and inspirational quote or scripture on it like “Ye walk not alone” or something. (That’s not scripture, I just made it up)

So….that’s what we have been up to. Yup.


4 thoughts on “More Hiking?!

    • We actually had the camera on our tripod and used the timer, as the camera started beeping he was tilting his head like dogs do at weird sounds and it just happened to catch it like this.

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