A hiking we will go

Before I tell you anything about hiking first look at this picture of Appa with his Husky puppy friend Meka. That’s cute right there.

Our hiking adventures all began with a hike to Battle Creek Falls. We did it one Saturday along with Mom, Dad and Willie

This is the waterfall

You hike down to it and can hang out in this little bowl. Usually you can play in the water but there was far more water coming down then I have ever seen before

That’s a lot a water!

Crazy ol Willie, she was making me nervous with her dare devilness

Mom and Dad watching the pups play

Appa loves to chase running water

Riley and Appa coming back down

On the way down we stopped for a little foot dip. The water was very cold. And there is my yellow shirt in action just like I said!

Next we hiked to Scout Falls. Me and Appa on the trail

Me and Appa and a nice view

Riley and Appa and a nice view

Me and Riley and a nice view

Me and Riley at the waterfall

Ohhh pretty

There was one sticky little spot but Appa took it like a champ, so did Riley

Next was an attempt to Silver Lake with Riley’s family. We Like hiking to water ok? It was only an attempt because a half mile in it started to rain so we turned around and came back. Luckily the hike started at a lake (more like a larger pond) so we played around in there for a while. 

Appa was so covered in mud it was ridiculous

Next hike was another attempt, this time to Butterfield peaks. Riley found it online but nothing said how far it was other then “a little bit”. We headed up one day after work and hiked for a while and watched the sunset which was kinda awesome. When the sun was basically set we decided we better head back. When we got home Riley punched our info in to google earth and it is a good thing we turned back. We were not even close! I’m glad we did it anyway, the sunset was fun and the leaves were colorful!

We went back 5 days later to try Butterfield Peaks again and we made it! It was crazy how much more the leaves had changed, we couldn’t get over it. It was a pretty hard hike but we all made it to the top and it was well worth it! The blue line is the trail we took.

Same mountains as the attempt pictures-way more color!


Me and Riley about half way

It was pretty hot up there when we weren’t in the trees so we had to make sure and stay hydrated!

Appa was real happy about the situation 

Cute boys

Seriously part of the hike looked like this, it was a great leg workout

We got to the top of the mountain and this is what we saw

It was very beautiful

Obviously, we have been having a lot of fun!




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