Happy National Sewing Month!

It is national sewing month! My favorite part of nation sewing month is I totally use it as an excuse to not clean or do other things I should. I can’t, I have to sew.

Here is an entire outfit I made. I took the t-shirt class at Yellow Bird Fabrics in the SLC. If you are looking for apparel fabrics this place will not disappoint.  The class was great! I learned a lot about working with stretch fabrics and made this basic t-shirt.  This skirt I just went for because I wanted a casual skirt. I should have made a pattern so I could make something similar again because I like it. I didn’t make that necklace. I just try outfits on my body form before I wear them sometimes. You know just to see how it looks.

Next I did a little shirt refashion. Here is before

and here is after. Pretty basic, pretty simple, pretty fun to wear. You will see it in action in a post here soon.

Then I made a t-shirt! I really like this shirt! I used my knowledge from the class I took and made this myself, pattern and all. Actually I didn’t use a pattern. I wish I would have because I really like the way it fits.

Here is the back. ooohh ahhh

I love how I did the sleeves! Originally I had two of the skinny stripes but I though to myself hey, what if I did one with the thick? I’m real glad I did because it is my favorite part of the shirt.

I was also really careful on the sides to line up the stripes from the front and the back. I kinda impressed myself with out well it ended up matching.

These aren’t sewing. But I still made them and they are fabric and buttons so it works. Earrings!

Here is a picture of them in an ear. I think they are the perfect size. The pink ones matched my new striped shirt perfectly!

(P.S I totally took this picture myself in the mirror. Now I am totally a profesh photog/blogger/designer.)


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