I have this memory of being in at the Playmill in West Yellowstone on my moms birthday years ago. They sang to all the people, you know, as they do for anniversaries and birthdays and such. They asked my mom how old she was turning (I don’t remember) and she told them. My grandma quickly corrected her and told them she was 25. I thought it was so weird. My mom then explained to me that some people don’t like to tell their real age but she didn’t care. I always think of that on her birthday. I don’t know. I remember weird things. Really weird things. Anyway moral of the story, this year Mom turned 50!

Amee was the mastermind behind the surprise party. It all played out very well. Mom knew Amee and her family came down but, they were staying with Leissa and it all worked out somehow but I am not totally sure how. What I do know is that we all met there on Saturday round about 4 p.m. I got to make the cake! It was probably my favorite cake yet. I worked on it for a very long time. The cake was also delicious. Oh my, you must try it. It was strawberry lemonade cake from this place. Super easy and super great. Anyway we all met up and headed over to the park to get set up. Poor Mom, she thought we were all ignoring her all day. I do feel a bit bad about that.

Sadly both Haley and Dad had to work so it was up to Jade to trick mom into getting to the park. Here they come!

Mom was surprised. Real surprised. A lovely assortment of friends and family came to wish her a happy birthday. There were tears of joy.

Ryan cooked us up some wonderful hotdogs and hamburgers and we had a great BBQ.

Me and Taigey are cool, nuf said.

Ok these two are cooler. 

Yes I did shove 50 candles into the cake well, with the help of Naomi, Paityn, Taige and Riley.

She got them all! I hope she wished for something good.

The momma and the children.

The momma and her brother. He and my grandma came down from Wyoming just for the party. When Mom saw him she was like “Oh, you’re taking a nap?!” She had talked to him earlier and he had a great story of working in his garden and taking a nap. Tricking people is fun!

The momma and the grandchildren. I love this picture.
Happy Birthday to My Momma! You da best. Good planing Amee. And Haley and Dad we missed you (if i was into emoticons I would do this 😦 here, but I feel silly using them so I wont)


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