We threatened not to come back.

Wednesday morning we set out for a nice vacation to Island Park. Appa was nervous as we were packing. He didn’t know what was going on and he didn’t like it. Once we got in the car and going he calmed down and was wonderful company for the rest of the ride.

According to Google Maps it takes 5 hours and 11 minutes to get there. We didn’t time ourselves so we will say it was about 5 hours. We got there in the late afternoon, Riley sat for a minute then our adventures began.

Our first stop was Moose Creek. Jade wanted to teach Willie to swim. This was not such a successful trip for that but we had fun.

Jade gave me the stink eye.

And found some pepper. I feel like there are always things like this around the cabin. They look super old and they are all rusted and its containers of things like pepper. 

This pretty much sums up Willie for the trip. She was really good to stay close so she got to spend the week off her leash! Appa was not so good. So he got to stay on leash. I think he was a little jealous but Willie was in doggie heaven. She ran and ran and ran. She even got some pretty good cuts to prove she was a true wilderness dog. You can kinda see one in this picture.

A wilderness man and his wilderness dog. I pretty much think this should be a Cabela’s add or something.

And then we saw a moose at Moose Creek! How quaint! Riley’s must have brought his beginners luck. (who cares if he has been round these parts before)

Our next stop was the Big Springs. I tried so hard to get a good picture of everyone right here. Sadly this is the best I got. At least you can see Jade’s eyes.

I just think this is cute.

Then we went on to the Small Springs and old rail road stuff. See Riley and railroad stuff.

It was hard to convince Appa to get in the car by this point.

That night we played Phase 10 until late in the night, when we all started to giggle like little school girls. We couldn’t finish, I was just too tired.

The next day we took the pups to a body of water to swim. Maybe it was a lake, maybe it was a reservoir. Who knows? Turns out one can be both things. I don’t like it. Anyway this was when Jade was successful getting lil’ Willie to swim! She carried her out to the water and she swam back in.

Appa wasn’t a big fan and we were ok with that since we didn’t want to have to blow dry him. We took him out on the boat and he seemed to like that. I love this picture, Appa just looks so cool.

Willie a swimmin.

These dogs are like BFFs but just look at Appa’s face. Cracks me up.

Riley, Mom and Appa hanging out.

When we got back we just hung out and the dogs played.

and played.

and played.

Took a small break for water then played some more.

They can go for hours. We couldn’t have them in the cabin together unless they were both held and forced to calm down or else it sounded like the place was coming down. Even outside we tried to get them to just relax. And Dad cuddled with Willie, I think he likes her.

Then Riley when for a motorcycle ride. Can you believe I only went on one four-wheeler ride this year?! ONE! I can hardly believe it myself. Riley even when on two well, once on the motorcycle and once on the four-wheeler. And on my one ride of the year I ran over a snake! Ewwww.

Getting suited up.

Back it out.

And off he goes!

That evening Korby, Heather and Naomi arrived.

Naomi has some pretty sick-tight cheese drawing skills.

Mom played a game on Naomi’s ipad for seriously at least an hour.

Jade just watched.

Friday we floated the river but not a single one of us brought our camera. That was sad. Willie stayed home but Appa got to come. He seemed to like it. He just sat there in the boat, much like the picture above, getting every ones attention. Such an attention hog.

Saturday we headed into Yellowstone. We saw geysers beyond your wildest dreams, a couple sets of elk even a baby, a bald eagle and a bison.

And of course we saw Old Faithful, and faithful she was.

We talked about how crazy it would have been to be the first person to come upon this stuff. Bubbling mud, water shooting out of the ground we think they were probably thinking “What the…?!”

I think it would be so hilarious to find out that it is all fake. Look at the colors! They don’t look real. Can you imagine finding out it was all a set up and we were all so fooled!?

That evening we went to a play in West Yellowstone. If you have never seen a play at the Playmill I highly recommend it. We always go to one and this year did not disappoint. The production of High School Musical was just lovely. After we all danced our way down the street to get pizza. May I also recommend the Gusher if you want a pretty good pizza. It is in the ghetto, but that’s fine.  I am already looking forward to next year’s play.

Shortly after we returned to the cabin the Richard family showed up. His girls and Naomi had a great time together. They did normal stuff like, you know locking each other in dog creates, pretending to be dead unicorns, stuff like that.

Sunday morning we went to church then just hung out until we left.

Comparing injuries.

We sure didn’t want to leave. There were talks of quitting jobs, finders keepers, commandeering and the likes. Unfortunately none of them worked out and we all came home anyway. Even Appa was sad.


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