Princess Festival

Friday Mom and I took the little girls to the Princess Festival at Thanksgiving Point. It was pretty fun and the girls loved it! We started the day off by getting ready in their princess gear and doing their make up.

Even Grandma got some.

Cutest lil’ princesses I ever did see.

Outside of the royal gates there was a horse drawn carriage we got to hang out in and take pictures! (I am sure glad they put it right in front of the parking lot)

So stinkin cute.

As soon as you got walked in there was Pearl the mermaid, we had her sign our books then played in the water a bit.

Then the most tragic thing happened! Captain Hook came and scooped up Pearl and took her away! Yes it was so very tragic. Naomi was almost in tears. We spent the next good while asking everyone else we saw (I am not kidding) if they had seen them and being detectives and looking for clues.  Nobody knew where she was some people thought maybe he just took her to lunch and some suggested we find Peter Pan and ask him for help. (SPOILER ALERT! Really it was just their lunch time but because of her costume she couldn’t walk so the captain came and carried her to lunch.  We tried to tell them this but it was useless. The rest of the story is 100% true. We loved it. )

I just thought this was beautiful.

We told the girls at the Quite Way booth all about that Codfish Captain Hook but unfortunately they were no help in finding Pearl. Then we met this princess, I have no idea which one she is. She suggested we find Peter and ask him for help. (Side note: see these shoes Princess Taige is wearing? She seriously walked around in them all day and we did a lot of walking. Mom and I were so impressed. Not a single complaint or even blister.  A true princess indeed.)

Certainly the jewels in the treasure chest are from Pearl!

Little Miss flirting it up with Aladdin, he hadn’t seen Pearl.

Sleeping Beauty, she didn’t know where Pearl was either!

The Princess and the Pea was no help. (However you really should look at Paityn’s face in this first one, so her.)

But she did tell us a lovely story.

We told each of the 12 dancing princess and they were all very worried about Pearl. They like her very much and wanted her back safe and sound!

Finally we went back up to the pirate ship and there was Pearl! She was back! We went and asked her what had happened and she told us the whole story of Captain Hook taking her away and Peter Pan rescuing her! We then had to go back to half the people we had told about Pearl missing and let them know what had happened. Later we saw Captain Hook and told him what a codfish he was, but then we took it back and became friends.

The girls with Rapunzel.

All the girls and Grandma. I believe Naomi was saying “Something does not feel right!”

Mother Goose

Little Princess Taige. Too bad I cut off her new tiara.

The Water Fairy…..lets not talk about that.

Miss model.

The other girls with their tiaras. 

And Taige and Grandma. 

It was really a lovely day. Somewhere in there Paityn inserted herself into the Cinderella play and made it 10 times more hilarious. Mom and I were exhausted. That evening the girls planned their visit next year and the chat they are going to have with Captain Hook. Sadly I don’t really remember it.


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