The Lees are in town!

I always look forward to the part of my summer where the Lees come to visit. Tonight we had them over for a picnic and it was a jolly good time.

Haley is too fly for her own good.

Abby walked Appa over to the park.

We ate some lovely sandwiches.

We played with the Appa dog.

Dad taught us about flight patterns.

Amee chilled.

Carson tried not to get his picture taken, clearly he doesn’t know I was once known as the Pleasant Grove Paparazzi.

Abby on the other hand will let me take all the pictures I want. 

They rode around the lake and right through some sprinklers. 

Taige and I fed the ducks.

It doesn’t get much more “Dad” then this pose.

Just a relaxing.

See Haley is so hip.

And here is Jade, being happy. I know. My sisters are cool. For the right price I might let you date them.

Annnnd I made cinnamon rolls. Yesterday. And I didn’t share with anyone. Except my Riley of course.


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