Busy Busy!

We have been quite busy. Yesterday we went to Riley’s graduation, see.

Oh yeah, don’t mind me creepy and popping out from behind everybody. Or my dad’s closed eyes.

This is how proud I am.

THEEEEN today we picked up my birthday present.

His name is Appa and he is so adorable.

So is Riley.

Riley likes having a dog. I feel bad he was deprived so long.

I am slowly introducing him to all the things he has been missing out on for his whole life. Appa really is a very good pup. We have some work to do, like learning about the stairs…he falls up/down them a lot, but I am very confident. And excited. Dogs are so great. And normal. And American.


2 thoughts on “Busy Busy!

  1. lol! Poor deprived Riley! Ryan as well…too bad I’m not willing to put in the work for a dog or I’de love to have one as well! Cats are way less work….maybe we’ll get a cat someday…it’ll have to be once I’m done having babies though since there is no chance Ryan will ever change a little box and that is a no no while pregnant! 🙂
    We love your dog though. We will live vicariously through you guys! 🙂 hooray!

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