Baked Ravioli

This week we tried baked ravioli from Martha Stewart. I couldn’t resist this recipe thanks to their picture, look at that cheese on top!

And I just love beautiful white dishes. Anyway this was pretty good. The sauce wasn’t my favorite  but it wasn’t bad either. It does however make far more food then we needed. It says 4-6 servings, no no more like 46 servings. Ok not really, but you do use 2 lbs of ravioli! That is a lot. We used half meat and half cheese. Meat was Riley’s favorite and cheese was mine. Surprise. The best part? The cheese melted on top, it was so amazing as I knew it would be. I just wish that their was more. Next time we make it I will half everything but the cheese and the pan size that way we will get a better crispy cheese to pasta ratio. Also if I come along a red sauce that I really like, I will probably switch it out. Which will change the recipe entirely. But thats coo.


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