Once upon a time…

We went on a vacation to California (before Christmas even). We had oodles of fun. The first day we went to Legoland, here are some pictures to prove it.

Cute little fellers.

Here is Riley by the gignormous Christmas tree made of Legos, very impressive.

Then Riley got put in jail for being too awesome. But I busted him out.

A snowman made of Legos and us and da kids. Riley really loved looking at all the Lego statues. It was crazy the things they made out of those little guys.

One would think that girl on the left was with us, she wasn’t.

This is me looking totally ridiculous.

About to go up in the sky!

Deciding where to go next (because we have that map, get it?) That ride behind me, the Lost Kingdom Adventure, yeah I totally rocked at that ride/game/thing.


Syd and Riley sitting in a tree…

Hagrid, huge, made of legos

This game was fun, you had to pump the firetrucks down the lane, put out the fire, then pump back. It was a race, girls agains boys. Girls won the first time.

Two Batmans..Batmen?

I thought Santa put toys in his sleigh, not kids

Every time I see this I get a little creeped out. Then I remember that woman is made of Legos.

“I can’t believe I’m really four!”

Riley was pooped at the end of the day so he sat next to some old guy and took a nap.

Stay tuned for pictures from the beach and Disneyland!


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