This summer we…

Went to a Pinkalicious party

Built a grow box and grew a garden in it

Went to the AIGA 100 show where Riley had a piece on display

Had this awesome cake for my birthday made by Riley

Got this bike for my birthday that I love and ride all around town

Riley designed and printed these

Went to Jade’s graduation on Graa-du-ay-tion Daay-but I don’t think we have proof so here is a picture of her and Haley

Went to Naomi’s dance recital

Went to a luau

Went to the zoo

Watched all of the Avaitar The Last Airbender shows

Enjoyed a visit from the Lee’s

Fed this thing a piece of bread and it was terrifying

Saw Mont Magic for the second time in my life?

Touched a kangaroo

Found this little gem rusting on the side of the road and Riley almost cried

Decided we liked archery, I snapped my arm with the bow and got an awesome bruise then the next day got a nasty burn

Took these two on a picnic and witnessed the most amazing argument ever

Got a new job, complete with my own office with a window and a real desk. I then painted the window, of course, and here is Riley showing it off

Played with dogs that follows people to work

Moved into the most beautiful house ever

Became slightly obsessed with this dessert

Enjoyed a lot of time here

and took a lot of naps on that beach

Jumped on the tramp with Naomi

Made a bunch of cupcakes

Learned to make these

Texted with Bella

Riley spilled rice everywhere

Drew monsters with Bella

Accidentally shaved all the skin off my thumb knuckles with a shelf

Had a garden that took over the world

Acted silly

Got Riley a pink tie

Stayed up until 1 in the morning working on this

and playing with this guy

Don’t let these pictures fool you, he is a riot

And we got Riley a bike and we ride together all over the place

I would say it was a very successful summer.


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