Did you know?

Did you know when I was little I wanted to be a cake decorator? I know Riley knows that, since I have told him a bazillion times. Well my dreams are coming true, you see it is birthday season in our family and I get to make the cakes!  I will tell you 6 year old Syd totally knew what was up. It is a blast!

This is the cake that started it all, Jade’s barbie cake. Yes, she did turn 18. It took her a while to get the whole girly thing ok, lay off. When I discovered Riley’s mom had this pan I nearly passed out, and boy have I put it to good use.

It was kinda freaky awesome that she was coming up out of the flames. Her hair started to shrivel up in the back and that was hilarious.

Naomi loved this cake, she kept saying how beautiful it was, so obviously she had to have one . The purple one was hers and the pink was for her cousin.

Cute! Next came Korby’s birthday, for him I made a cupcake dragon. I was a little unsure how it would turn out since last time I made one I had a cake sprayer but alas I was very pleased with the final product.

Next was my birthday! I didn’t make this cake, I just ate it. Riley made it, very impressive I do say.

And finally Paityn’s sandcastle cake. This was a total experiment, and I am pretty pleased with the results. It did slide a little on the drive to the party but still, I liked it.

…it looked better in real life.

And there you have it my friends cake, cake and more cake!


3 thoughts on “Did you know?

  1. Nice! If you love making cakes so much you can totally help me with Bellas! I have a kit, but it does need some finer touches with a pastry bag…
    And I think we are doing a princess crown cake for the family birthday…it’s cute, it has cookies around it to make the crown shape. Anyway let me know if your up for it! 🙂

  2. oh and I have a barbie pan from my neighbor if you want to try it sometime. I doubt I will. It’s a flat cake though and has two plastic face templates. They are pretty 90’s! And one has the appearance of glittery skin! lol! Anyway just thought I’d let you know! 🙂

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