I laugh.

I find things to be funny when nobody else does. Such as this quote from a book by David Sedaris, he is describing what a Dutch parent says to their children on Christmas Eve:

Listen, you might want to pack a few of your things together before going to bed. The former bishop of Turkey will be coming tonight along with six to eight black men. They might put some candy in your shoes, they might stuff you into a sack and take you to Spain, or they might just pretend to kick you. We don’t know for sure, but we want you to be prepared.

That is funny. True, it is better when you read everything before it but still, it is great on its own. Also funny, the blog post I read written by some feminist titled “Are Edward and Bella in an abusive relationship?” The writer went on to say something like: Why does Bella always need to be rescued by men? Can’t she rescue herself occasionally? Heck — can’t she even drive herself places? (In New Moon, whenever she’s in her truck with either Edward or Jacob, they’re the ones driving.) Why do all the male vampires have college degrees, medical degrees, and so forth, while Bella gets married fresh out of high school, with nary a word breathed about higher education? And then, when she becomes pregnant, why does she emphatically refuse an abortion, even though the pregnancy is killing her?” It is real, I swear. I laughed out loud, and so did Riley.

I am glad I had these two humorous things in my life because earlier today I was feeling old and I will tell you why. I was feeling old because I checked my Facebook, and I saw a status with a wrong usage of a word. Now you may know, or maybe have figured out by reading my blog, I am no english major (My creative writing teacher would most definitely agree). I am positive you can find a bundle of mistakes here. But since probably the third grade I knew the differences between there their and they’re and I can usually use too and to right, not all the time but typically. And thanks to Mel I know the difference between your and you’re. Suddenly anyone who doesn’t and ends their status with !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is pathetic to me. That is common knowledge. Why do I care? Because I am an cranky old woman.


2 thoughts on “I laugh.

  1. Hi Syd! I am even older and crankier than you are! I just have to say that I agree with you about the grammar thing, I think it’s annoying to!!!!!!!! (both mistakes made on purpose their) (there) ha ha
    Also I am glad to see you are a fellow David Sedaris fan, I Love him. It’s best to listen to him read his own stuff, rather than actually read it yourself. He is also frequently featured on This American Life, an NPR broadcast that you get for free weekly on itunes. I highly recommend it.
    Or you can listen to some of his older stuff here: http://odeo.com/channels/32288.
    Ok enough about that. Hope all is well-

  2. Of course you love him! You are a fan of impeccable literature. Maybe that is what give us our annoyances?!?!?!?!?!?!!?! I will have to go check those out, I heard it is great to listen to!!!!!! Thanks!

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