World, you have let me down.

I feel sick to my stomach, and have for a few weeks now. What is the cause of this pain? The obsession for Christmas already, it started before Halloween! I love Christmas, really I do, but come on! Do people just not care? I honestly think there are poor kids out there who don’t really even know what Christmas is about, they know about Christmas lists and Santa and presents. It honestly makes me mad. My heart was uplifted when Riley read this to me.
Nordstrom Opposes Christmas Creep

Thank you!! I am so glad somebody had the to stop some of the madness! So while the rest of the world is stressed out for  months over what to put on their Christmas lists, where to put the tree, when to hang the lights, how they are going to afford the five million gifts they “have” to buy for everyone, and so on, I will be shopping at Nordstrom, enjoying Thanksgiving and remembering that Christmas is not intended to be about presents and stress and trees and Santa and lights and toys and……..


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