Window Treatments

Don’t I sound like I should be on trading spaces? I couldn’t be, none of my projects are done in 48 hours or less, and Page Davis creeps me out a little now that she is everywhere. Anyway here they are, our new curtains made from an Ikea sheet, some ink and a Bobunny stamp (the falling 4 you set from the Delilah collection).  Here is how we did it; we bought a twin sheet from Ikea for 1.99 , I stamped the pattern on with a stamp set I got at work (beware, this is not for the weak, it took so much time!), then I chopped them all up, sewed up the edges all nice like then I made the hole for the rod to go in, Riley hung it up for me and there we have it! These babies rang in at total of  $10.54 including the rod. I have got to say I love when things I plan out in my head come to be, and end up being as great of a deal as I had planned.


Here is a close up of what the pattern looks like.



2 thoughts on “Window Treatments

  1. Those look awesome! I’ve seen it done in magazines but it always made me nervous…plus I’m jealous that all your projects end up being dirt cheap, and when I try a DIY project I end up spending 3x’s what I would of if I had just bought it already made….literally! You know the vase with shells and sand that is in my bathroom?? That cost me $45 to make…UN REAL!

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