Shorts, Towels and Bread

OK! We have made tons of stuff as of late, here are pictures of just a few.

These are some pajama shorts I made for Riley. The fabric has Ronald McDonald, the Hamburgler, the big purple guy and a cop kinda guy from McDonalds. They crack me up every time I see them. I had been planing on making him some shorts for quite sometime, he wanted to be like his nephew Hunter who is usually in a matching pajama outfit. I went to the store while he was at work and texted him a bunch of pictures of fabric and this is what he picked.

This is the towel display I put in our bathroom. Before I just had red towels with the black hand towels over them but I saw some like this in the parade of homes and I decided to try it. I am pretty pleased with how it turned out.

These pictures are showing the most delicious bread ever made from my book The Bread Baker’s Apprentice. We made half into a loaf and half into rolls. This bread is so amazing, it isn’t dry and crumbly like the kind we have made before, it had such an amazing texture and its moist and tastes like good bread. It takes way longer, but it is so worth it. Bread in under an hour is for squares! So other then that we have been very busy, Riley is mid-finals (watch for a giant picture of his face to be posted!) so we have lots of homework. We ran into the Scottish festival the other day that was fun. We also went to the parade of homes, Riley loved it (ha! not really) and as always I am working super hard at work! Till next time!


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